Genesee County Crime Watch Genesee County Crime Watch was formed in June of 2013 by a group of concerned citizens and a commitment by the business community, along with the use of local cable television, web sites and Facebook.  A different "Crime Watch" episode is featured each week on Channel 17, Comcast Cable, Web Sites and Posters. Crime Watch TV Your local Crime Stoppers program will forward information you have concerning unsolved felony crimes and fugitives wanted for felony charges to the appropriate  law enforcement agency. Before calling a local Crime Stoppers, please be prepared to give as much detail about the crime or fugitive. Genesee County Crime Watch is made up of volunteers who are willing to take action against crime. They want their community’s to be a safe and are willing to work to make it that way. A team of members of the community who have volunteered to give their time and talents to the program – administer the program. © Genesee County Crime Watch GCCW Report Crime Now !    Report Crime Now !  Report Crime Now ! Need to send GCCW a quick message ? The new series of Crime Watch is just around the corner and kicks off with an episode looking at the crimes committed in Genesee County, Michigan.  Genesee County Crime Watch posters will be included as part of each episode and a behind the scene look at each crime using real crime scene videos of the actual crimes. The public after viewing the shows, may call in a tip to Crime Stoppers and remain completely anonymous. We look forward from hearing from you if you would like your crime scene videos to be featured in one of a up coming episode. Genesee County Crime Watch Send Us Your Video Send Us Your Video